What is that

A way of thinking. There should be dynamism, respect and sharing among women: this is one of our greatest dreams! We are convinced that women are the pivot on which the world turns: why not work, with love and passion, all walking towards a single goal?
LadyNetwork is welcome, listening, sharing!

For us

It is the family, where many women find hospitality, doubtful answers, problem solutions.
It is one of those places where you feel strong, because you are not alone, where women with the same goals of freedom and growth – economic, personal or professional – choose to collaborate.

Lady Network

Lady Network represents the result of the experience of 8 women who have taken over their lives, their dreams and, with love and perseverance, have achieved ambitious goals.

Today we provide our skills to help other women do the same.
Do you want to try it too?

Why Lady Network was born.

Lady Network was created to give all women who want to approach the world of Network Marketing, a high level training acquired over the years and in a constant and continuous way.

A real training that follows you, step by step, from opening the business until reaching your goals.

A very important project because it is aimed at women, and aims to offer everyone a common starting point, while respecting their characteristics and diversity, and helps them to make the best of the network experience, placing them in a real Community. support.

Experience and sharing.

In these years of experience and communication with other women we have realized that we have often made the difference in their lives, thanks to the sharing of our experiences and skills.
We started from here to create a project aimed at providing them with all our work, what we have learned and are learning, so that they have the opportunity to improve their lives.

Lady Network was born, therefore, in order to offer women a concrete possibility of personal and economic realization, without having to sacrifice the time to devote to themselves and their family.
A new way of doing Network Marketing on line capable of involving as many women as possible in seeking one’s own way, enhancing one’s potential.

But not only.

The idea was also born to start a real female movement, which involves all women who feel the need to improve themselves, in life and in business, offering them the tools and support necessary to grow their business. and their skills in the online Network Marketing sector.

Grow professionally
Reach your goals
Get involved

Our mission.


Network Marketing can be a very interesting opportunity to regain time to devote to the family, while feeling useful to others and professionally implemented.

La nostra mission è proprio AIUTARE le donne ad essere libere, realizzate e felici verso il successo!

Free as many women as possible from their mental dogmas and limiting thoughts.
We have repeatedly shown that we have innate strength.

We just have to put aside the fear of conveying our forces towards the birth of a project that can actually change our life.

How to do all this?

Relying on a community to share and exchange experiences and advice, where women who have chosen to appear in this world, but also women who are only looking for personal growth, can find stimuli, answers, support, attentions, advice!

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